Ways to save Money If You Are a School or Non-Profit Organization

The economy has made a long, slow recovery from the global recession; even in today’s market there are constant signs that the next recession is around the corner. This has led to the majority if businesses and organizations carefully considering their current business plan and ensuring they have a tactic for facing the future; whether good or bad. (more…)

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Why the Subaru BRZ Could be Your Idea Next Car

The Subaru BRZ may not be the first car you think of when looking for a high performance coupe; but once you take a look at one you may be surprised at just how much it has to offer. The car does have four seats, although the rear seats are really designed for short adults or children. This feature actually helps to make this an excellent choice whether you are single and looking for a fund and rewarding driving experience, or, if you have a young family and want to be able to take them out while enjoying the driving experience.

New Concept

The BRZ is the first Subaru to break the trend; it has rear wheel drive instead of four wheel drive. It is powered by the Subaru flat four engines. This is mounted close to the ground in the front of the car; helping to keep the centre of gravity low. Although this may not be the fastest sports car on the market, it is exceptionally well built and is designed for fun.


The seats are low and you will sink into them, while the cockpit has everything you need without being over-engineered. It has a GPS system built in and a variety of safety features; the essential instruments are directly in front of you and easy to read. The low-slung engine has made it possible to sit low in the cockpit and still see over the bonnet; providing you with a wonderful experience when driving. The half bucket seats help to hold you in position when you feel the need to test the cars cornering expertise.


This is really where the car comes into its own. The engine provides an adequate zero to sixty time, of 7.6 seconds; but it is when you start driving round corners that your grin will quickly appear. The car handles superbly; it appears to be weightless with no body roll or lurches; the steering wheel is incredibly responsive and the car handles beautifully. If effortlessly eats every corner you can find!


Subaru have had a little help from Toyota, they designed the car and gave Subaru the direct injection technology. This is obvious in the body styling; however, the rest of the car has been designed and manufactured by Subaru and the car is well built while being good to look at.

Subaru BRZ for Sale

There are several places where you can purchase one of these vehicles. A new one can only be purchased from an approved Subaru dealer; such as Budds’ Subaru in Toronto. The car will set you back $25,000 for the basic model; although there are a few optional extras which can be added to push this price closer to $30,000. The car comes in two trim levels and either manual or automatic, interestingly, the automatic is actually more economical!

This car is the right one for you if you enjoy driving and are looking for something different, fun and affordable; even with a young family. To experience it yourself get down to your local dealer and see which Subaru BRZ’s they have for sale!

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Assistance With Accidents While At Work With Work Accident Lawyer Firms

Have you had an accident while on the clock? Did you know that people get injured all the time while they are working and end up needing an attorney to get the help that they need? It is more common than you might actually think it is. There are more slip and fall accidents while on the job than you might actually think there is. Here are some things that a work accident lawyer can do for you at the Attkisson Law Firm to help you get the money you deserve. (more…)

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